5 Affiliate Networks Every Blogger Needs

Affiliate Networks are becoming more and more popular and many bloggers are looking for ways to bring in extra income from their blogs.

I gathered together 5 affiliate networks that actually help create an income, especially if you are a new travel blogger. Trust me, you are going to want these affiliate networks in your inventory. Each one is unique and has different programs to offer its publishers.

So, What is Affiliate Marketing?

What a great question, and one that deserves a precise answer. You can search all over the web for affiliate marketing companies and ways to make money from your blog. You will get tons of different answers. Affiliate marketing is when a publisher (you) signs up to represent a company (such as Skyscanner) by becoming an affiliate through a network or with them directly. This mean you will earn a commission based off of a sale on your site or through a referral link. Affiliate Marketing is the act of adding affiliate products or services to your site in hopes of gaining traction and sales.

Where Do I Start?

Well if you haven’t already, starting a blog is the first step! Then, gathering resources for your new blog like hosting and plugins is important. Finally, start your affiliate marketing search! Below you will find 5 Affiliate Networks that I am extremely fond of. I have applied for multiple ones and have found that these 5 have the best commission programs and advertisers for my niche. So, if you are a lifestyle and travel blogger, you will surely enjoy this list! First off, search for the best affiliate markets for your niche. If you are a travel blogger, chances are you would like a network such as Viglink that has airline and hotel advertisers. If you are a lifestyle and home decor blogger, you may want an affiliate network such as FlexOffers that has plenty of retailers and designing advertisers. Either way, it all starts with applying to affiliate networks, which is usually 100% free! Yup, FREE.

5 Amazing Affiliate Networks That Actually Help Your Blog Income

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to keep this blog running. You can read my full disclosure here.

5 Affiliate Networks Every Blogger Needs

Affiliate Window

Affiliate Window is awesome for many reasons. They have over 6,000 advertisers to choose from, all you have to do is apply! The cool thing is, many of the affiliates are well known like FabFitFun and BookingBuddy. They also offer a pretty sweet referral program! It cost $5 to sign up for security reasons but you get it back once you meet the threshold of $20. There is also a promotional are when you can promote projects you are working on and looking for contributors. After you sign up, you click “Join Program” on the advertisers of your choosing!


  • Multiple providers and networks to choose from.
  • Easy to navigate and an excellent dashboard
  • Programs such as Booking Buddy and Fivver.
  • Amazing referral program where you can earn $30 per referral
  • Choose your payment threshold (starts at $20)


  • Tons of options when it comes to creating ads so it can get a little confusing

Cj Affiliates

Cj Affiliates (previously known as commission junction) is probably my most favorite affiliate program thus far. They have an array of different programs to partner with. Additionally, CJ is a great affiliate for UK bloggers as well or people looking to promote products to this market. You must hit $100 for your first payout. Also, if you do not meet the $10 minimum in commission within 6 months, your account is basically put on hold. But that doesn’t mean that this affiliate is not worth the investment. They have so many programs and wonderful linking methods and banners.


  • Super easy to use and navigate
  • Amazing partner programs such as Skyscanner and CVS Pharmacy
  • Pay Per Call — If your readers decide to purchase over the phone instead, you still receive commission!
  • Create Widgets for your advertisers
  • Access to Deep Linking


  • Hold put on account if you do not meet $10 in 6 months
  • Wait period/pending for some advertiser programs
  • No referral program
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This is not an affiliate program, but it is important for those trying to make money on their blog! If you are looking for an impression based advertiser, then Media.net is great! Most people who have tons of page views opt for this type of advertising. I do have Media.net and have put a couple placements on posts. So far, I have made less than $10 but I don’t have that many page views. However, Media.net places ads on your site only when you add the code to the post or page, which is nice!


  • Great for sites with tons of page views
  • Quite discreet to your audience
  • Customization options for each ad so they match your blog!
  • Quick response times from the Support Team
  • Referral link for advertisers!


  • Not great for bloggers/websites with small page views
  • Payments per impressions are not a lot, but still something


ShareASale is another excellent affiliate network for new bloggers. Unlike the other networks, ShareASale offers a wide variety of less popular advertisers. They offer an extensive list of promotions and deals that you can place on your site. It is also super easy to get approved for programs. One of the best programs that ShareASale offer is through Etsy. If you are a lifestyle blogger, ShareASale is a must have.


  • Can access coupons and discounts to post on your site
  • Partner with advertisers such as Etsy and Wayfair.com
  • Access to less popular advertisers and affiliates
  • Offer Pay Per Call
  • Has a referral link for advertisers


  • Site can be kind of confusing when first getting started
  • Not as high commission rates as the other programs


Because who doesn’t love an affiliate that has companies like Kohl’s and Macy’s in its network?? FlexOffers doesn’t get as much exposure as the other affiliates I have listed but it deserves recognition. My favorite thing about FlexOffers are the updates they send you with suggestions on converting links. For example, an advertiser such as Kohl’s may up its commission rate for a certain holiday weekend and offer a promo deal for your readers, as well! Once signed up with FlexOffers, you apply to the programs you are interested in advertising on your site or in your posts. FlexOffers is great for fashion related and lifestyle bloggers as well as travel bloggers.


  • TONS of advertisers to apply for
  • Promotional Offers with Commission Increases
  • Partners such as Hilton Hotels and Ashley Homestore
  • Referral Program AND email invites–win win


  • Takes awhile for advertisers to accept your affiliate application

5 Affiliate Networks Every Blogger Needs


Sometimes, it is hard to get approved for certain affiliate programs like Skyscanner. Luckily, Viglink is a fix for this problem. With thousands of advertisers in their network, VigLink allows you to add merchant links from outside advertisers. For example, I wasn’t approved for the Hotels.com affiliate program, but with Viglink, I can still link to their website and earn a smaller commission. They have so many advertisers in there network and a quick approval process.


  • Linking to outside advertisers not in your network
  • Preapproved programs when signing up with VigLink
  • Amazing advertisers such as TripAdvisor and Ebay
  • Super user-friendly dashboard with many details


  • Not as high as a commission rate as other advertisers

Summary of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is hard work. Truly, it is. Additionally, it is a great way to increase your blog income. Personally, I have not made that much from affiliate networks, but I am just now diving into them. I have blogger friends who are already making thousands from affiliate income monthly. Like anything, the more time and effort you put into it, the more you get in return. So, if you are looking for some amazing affiliate networks to join that are great for lifestyle and travel bloggers, then the 5 above are the answer. And if you are a new blogger, these 5 affiliate networks will get you rolling!

Are there any affiliate networks you would add to the list? I would love more suggestions. Bloggers Unite 🙂

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  1. You have given a great list of Networks I’m not involved with as if yet, except C.J. Affiliates. I will try some of your other suggestions. I’ve heard Media.net is better than google Adsense but have not yet confirmed this. Thank you for the suggestions.

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