7 Amazing Websites For Finding Cheap Flights

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I love to fly. I love to travel. And I love to find flights for other people. That being said, I wanted to share with you my top 10 favorite websites for finding cheap airfare.

Nowadays, it gets harder and harder to find cheap flights. The travel industry is booming. When it comes to travel, most people find it hard to find a cheap flight. And this can be true in many, many cases. But, it is all about where you look. Personally, I search multiple websites before booking a flight. I want the best deal, and well, I am frugal. So when my hubby and I were searching for a flight to Michigan, you are dang right I researched for about three weeks before booking!

7 Websites That Offer Cheap Flights To Anywhere


So, if you are like me, you love a deal! And when it comes to flying, there is no reason to skip out on finding a deal or searching for cheap flights. Below you will find my TOP 7 Websites for finding cheap flights. I have had luck with all of them, and I know you will, too. Also, be sure to check out how I found a roundtrip ticket for under $50!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Nevertheless, I only recommend things i truly love. You can read my full disclosure here.


One of my most favorite and most trusted search engines for flights. Justfly offers a comparison of thousands of flights for your trip. They seem to have some of the best deals and allow you to sign up for price drop notifications. Want 80% OFF your next flight?? Be sure to check them out, then!

This is my second favorite search engine for cheap flights. Skyscanner allows you to see an overall month view for possible flights! And if you are flexible, search from cheapest month to cheapest month! I have been able to find great deals on one way flights. I suggest looking for flights on Tuesday nights, they tend to be cheaper then. Skyscanner is massive, and searches across tons of airlines within a certain month, giving you a calendar overview of when it is cheapest to fly. Oh, and in case you didn’t hear, Skyscanner now offers an app! Finding cheap flights just got a whole lot easier.


I just came across this gem recently, and I loveeeee it. Talk about cheap international flights! WOW Air only flies out of a few locations in the US but is totally worth using for cheap international flights. I was just browsing their site for flights out of Miami (even tough Miami is 5 hours away) and found a flight to Germany for $500 roundtrip. Say Whattt? Check this out.


Airfare Watchdog is a pretty unique and awesome travel website. Not only can you search for flights, but they offer a travel blog and a sign up so you can receive even more deals as well as price fare drop alerts! The big difference between Airfare Watchdog and the other sites is that they have certain airlines they partner with. Therefore, your flight options are a little limited BUT they still have some amazing deals. For instance, flying out of my regional airport by booking through Airfare Watchdog is much cheaper than other sites!

I feel like everyone knows about Expedia. But hey, it’s a great resource! I like to use Expedia to cross check my flights, see if they are offering any promotions such as this 48 hour sale! Additionally, Expedia offers an amazing app where you can search for flights easily and check on deals throughout the day.

Another wonderful resource for finding a multitude of cheap flights as well as last minute deals! CheapOAir is perfect for last minute booking, comparing multiple airlines, and finding exclusive deals.


One of my most favorite travel websites is Fly.com. Fly.com allows you to search from your location to common destinations over the next  90 days. They will give you a calendar view for the next 3 months for that flight route. Amazing! Their website is super easy to navigate, allows you to search for flights for flights from popular destinations, and more.

7 Sites To Use To Find Cheap Flights


Flying doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Rather, flying can be quite cheap if you know where to look! I hope these 7 sites help you find the cheapest flights possible!

Find Your Cheapest Flight Yet - The Witty Wife

Have you found some super great flight deals? Share with us!


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  1. I wish I had known about Skyscanner before I booked my flight last week! I love that you can view the whole month. I work in aviation so I know how much prices can fluctuate based on season. This is an awesome idea!

  2. This is super helpful because I’m looking to buy tickets to Turks & Caicos in August! Not that Sarasota doesn’t have enough beautiful beaches lol. I love Expedia rewards, and I discovered that you get 3X the points if you book through their app!

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