17 Florida Beaches in 2017 – Siesta Key

Siesta Key was named the Number One Beach in the US by TripAdvisor for 2017. This little island is the perfect getaway for that traveling couple.

First, this was our 5th beach on our journey to 17 Florida Beaches this year! It came at the perfect time. Lucky number 5. Siesta Key sure lives up to its title of ranking number 1 in the US. This place is a wonderful place for families, couples, solo travelers, and pretty much anyone looking to have a good time! Siesta Key is located just west of the city center of Sarasota. Sarasota is pretty much lined with some of the best beaches, for real.

Anyways, for this trip we had less than 24 hours to spend. So, we did our best to eat as much food as possible and explore this luxurious beach!

A Quick Guide To Siesta Key!

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Grab those sunglasses, we are headed to Siesta Key!

Where to Eat

Man, it felt like we ate everywhere it. From breakfast, lunch, extra lunch, and dinner. So, let me break it down for you!

Breakfast/lunch: So, for breakfast, we hit up the Toasted Mango. This place you guys, its fantastic. I got a gluten free breakfast wrap, packed with feta and tons of sausage. They served the best smelling muffins with a mango butter that melts in your mouth. Please get the butter. You could eat it with a spoon, I mean, I did. They also have a mango hot sauce that is a great addition!

Dinner: Head to Gilligans Island Bar & Grill! This place has a super sweet atmosphere. And the nachos are fantastic! The inside has a really neat VW van where they place orders and such. Additionally, they have drink specials and live music pretty much all the time.

Tons of Dessert: Gelato. Fantastic, perfect and creamy gelato. Ciao Gelato. Then, grab an ice coffee and mini donuts from the cutest little shop on the corner, Meaney’s Mini Donuts. Oh, and Meaney’s is the number one bakery in Sarasota! Seeing a theme here? My hubby had cheesecake donuts! He loved them 🙂 Since I am gluten free, I just licked the cream off the donut (I know, I’m weird) because I just couldn’t resist.

What To Do

Besides eating amazing food, there is tons to do in Siesta. This little island town is filled with boutiques, farmers markets, coffee shops, and more. If you travel down Ocean Blvd, before hitting the beach, you will hit all these amazing touristy shops and such. When at the beach, feel free to rent a paddleboard from Siesta Sports Rentals for the day or take a dip and snorkel.


My lovely mom relaxing on the sugar sand of Siesta Key!

The Beach

Siesta key beach is all the rave nowadays. It is a very high tourist spot in Florida where everybody heads to. Since it is ranked #1  in the US, this beach is constantly populated. Amazing sugar sand coats the entire coast. It is super soft with only a few shells. We went on a pretty windy day so that made it kind of hard to enjoy, but the beach is beautiful. Instead of going to the beach right at the main pavilion, I suggest heading down a little more south on Midnight Pass. The furthest beach marker is the perfect spot to just relax and not be so crowded by tourists. Overall, the beach is pretty much the best part about this island, mainly because the sand is softer than sugar. In regards to palm trees, you may spot a few but this beach is huge and mainly sand.

Siesta Key has sand that is softer than sugar. Click To Tweet

Why You Must Visit Siesta Key - The Witty Wife Why You Must Visit Siesta Key - The Witty Wife Why You Must Visit Siesta Key - The Witty Wife

In all honesty, my favorite beach is still Lido Beach. But, Siesta Key is surely a place to visit. If you are in the mood for some beach relaxation for both couples and families, then Siesta is right for you! While you are there, be sure to grab some sweet dessert and tan lines. And if you’re lucky, you may just see a dolphin or two!



How To Spend 24 Hours In Siesta Key

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Have you ever been to Siesta Key? What was your favorite part?

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  1. This place looks amazing! I’ve been to Florida twice now and haven’t been to this beach! I’ll have to stop by and play in the Sugar Sand next time I’m there! Thanks for sharing <3

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