How To Plan A Trip With No Itinerary

Sometimes, having an itinerary just weighs the trip down. And who wants their vacation to be a hassle? Today, Megan from Some Things I’m Moderately Excited About shares why it is okay NOT to have an itinerary!


Megan is a travel blogger at Some Things I’m Moderately Excited About who writes snarky city guides full of off-the-beaten-path-spots, amazing places to stuff your face and other low key but totally score-brownie-points-with-your-friends-cool destinations for jet setting around the world (and in Chicago, where she’s from). You can also follow along with her adventures & catch travel tips & tricks on Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook!

No Itinerary? No Sweat


Recounting my last few travel posts on Some Things I Am Moderately Excited About, I realized I plan A LOT.

I probably plan more than any average person. I am pretty Type A, all things considered. I love neatly organized store displays, and categorizing new songs into my Spotify playlists brings me a special kind of happiness. My husband, on the other hand, is somewhat the opposite – especially when it comes to travel.

Recently we came to a compromise after discovering we have two very different travel styles. We had just recently taken our big Eurotrip Honeymoon, as we like to call it, which was essentially a Euro-marathon through Florence, the French Riviera and Barcelona.

We were considering going to Ireland over the US Thanksgiving holiday, but every time we tried to plan it we got frustrated. We realized it was because we were itinerary-exhausted.

Riley very much craves lounging and relaxation, whereas I want to see all there is to see (and stuff my face with, of course) in any given place. However, these two spectrums do not necessarily mesh well on vacation when mixed together.

So, we put Ireland on the back burner for a while and opted for a very relaxing beach vacation in Aruba. This trip did involve a bit of planning, but substantially less than any other destination would have. It also taught me a few key points that I try to remember every time we plan a trip.


Figure out where to stay before you go.

Trying to find a place to call home when you’re in a new city is neither the most relaxing thing in the world, nor a good use of your time. This would be one aspect of a trip you most definitely should plan.

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Let the destination reveal itself to you.

You planned a trip to experience something new, didn’t you?! While it’s okay to have a few places to try picked out, try to leave lots of room open in your schedule for discoveries along the way. Sure, you may have a 5-star restaurant you’ve been dreaming about, but maybe a local sitting at the table over will recommend a killer nightlife spot. You never know!

Think of all the experiences as The Experience.

Worried things won’t go well if you don’t plan them out beforehand? I’ve been there. It’s hard to let go sometimes. But if you try to keep everything in perspective and realize every experience you have is unique to that destination, you’ll have a much better time.
So you totally misjudged the transportation situation and it’s raining and no taxis pick up where you are? Take the bus with the locals. (This may or may not have happened to us in Aruba. I was a little soggy and annoyed, but our bus driver recommended a great nightlife spot we tried on one of our last nights and wouldn’t have found otherwise. Go with the flow!

How To Plan A Trip With No Itinerary


Thank you, Megan, for contributing to The Witty Wife! Be sure to check out her page and follow along on social media!

Have you taken a trip with no itinerary? How did it turn out? We want to know!

6 thoughts on “How To Plan A Trip With No Itinerary

  1. Yesss! It really can be so nice to go with the flow, walk around town, and see where your feet take you, when you travel.

    My boyfriend and I have a lot planned for our France trip, but much of it will be walking and exploring around the towns and cities where we’re staying!


    • That’s awesome to hear! No problem at all – sometimes it’s hard to forget why you are taking a trip in the first place. Cheers and safe future travels!

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