April Goals

April has sprung and that means new goals!

I just started posting my goals for my life and my blog last month and it was truly helped me accomplish things. Many studies have proven that writing dow your goals increases your chances of completing them. So, let’s take a look back at my March Goals and see what happened.


Social Media Goals In March:

Instagram– March: 1236 Goal: 1400 followers Actual: 1430

Facebook–March: 221 likes Goal: 300 Likes Actual: 384

Twitter- March: 182 followers Goal: 200 followers Actual: 254

Pinterest– March: 582 Goal: 625 followers Actual: 750

Just wow….. I surpassed all my social media goals for the month. About half way through, my Twitter and Facebook goals skyrocketed. Instagram was a slow and steady incline and Pinterest multiplied nicely as well.

What Worked:

Instagram—Started posting at least once a day, changed up my hashtags, and was regrammed by a few major accounts!

Facebook—Joined like for like threads with other bloggers and posted more to my page!

Twitter—Actually started posting (never really used it before) and followed more people/retweeted.

Pinterest—Joined more group boards in my niche, pinned 30-40 times a day (or at least tried to)

Blogging Goals:

4-6 Blog Post>>>>Yes!
How to Start A Blog
5 WordPress Plugins
5 Apps to Stay Organized
Power of Prayer
Lido Beach Guide
Venice Beach Guide

2 Guest Post>>>>No… I failed this one. With so much going on, I didn’t have a chance to reach out to other bloggers as much as I could have.

Subscribers – 20>>>>Yes! I now have 28 subscribers for my newsletter, thanks to Mailerlite!

Create 1 more freebie!>>>> Yes! I created the Ultimate Blogging Checklist which you can find on my how to start a blog post!

Learn how to use ShareASale>>>>To an extent…. Need to learn it a little more.

Visit three beaches for the 17 Florida Beaches in 2017 journey>>>>Yes! We visited three beaches but I have only posted two guides so far. Check out my “Quick Guides” to Lido and Venice Beach!

Life Goals:

Finish “Finding Victory When Healing Doesn’t Happen” by Craig Miller and Randy Miller.>>>>No. But, I just finished it this week, so only a few days late! And it was fantastic, so be on the lookout for a book review soon!

Find 2 ways to earn extra income from home>>>>Yes! I have looked into referral programs such as Ebates and survey companies like 1Q. Also, will be posting my resource page this month as well!

Redo Budget!>>>>No. Still need to do this in April.

Walk a Mile a day>>>>No. Instead, I ate tons of french fries…..

What Worked This Month:

  • Planning. I planned out my days for blogging, blogging tasks, posts, and more.
  • I prioritized. I focused on what was most important for my blog and for my readers rather than just spewing content out.
  • My Social Media did really well this month, as stated above. So I will continue to do what I have been, plus more!
  • Posting more often. I noticed the more I posted, the more views I had and engagement I received.

What Didn’t Work This Month:

  • Redoing the budget…. Definitely need to do this. Instead, we spent more on going out to eat than we needed to.
  • Walking everyday. I love yoga and I practiced that about three times a week. But, I did not walk as much as I wanted to.
  • focusing more on my blog than personal goals. To be healthy in both mind and body, I need to make more time for myself and family as well as my blog.

So, from my results it looks like I need to focus more on accomplishing personal goals rather than just blogging goals.  Though I don’t have an income report to show for this month, I am proud of my accomplishments for my blog. With over 2,400 views in March, I feel very very blessed. So thank you, my readers, for following along and engaging with me. Now, let’s make April great!

April Goals

Social Media:

This month, I really want to focus on Instagram and Pinterest. That being said, I am going to goal myself higher for these two channels.

Instagram: Current- 1418 (lost some since the beginning of the month because of no activity!) Goal– 1500

Pinterest: Current- 781 Goal– 850

Twitter: Current- 266 Goal– 300

Facebook: Current- 419 Goal– 450

What I have been learning is that staying active and engaged on all social media channels is very important!!



4-6 Posts

2 Guests posts on other sites

1 collaboration piece

2 Review of Products (something new I am trying)


40 Subscribers.

Make $50 ( I know this seems low but I want to write out my $$ goal and see if it gives me more motivation)



Pay off 1 debt

Loose 5lbs

Start a new book

Start a new devotional (Becoming One by Madison Weaver!)

Let’s see if I can hit these goals this month! I definitely want to try to hit them all, so wish me luck!

What are your goals for this month? I know it is already the 2nd week of April but ya gotta start somewhere!

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  1. Angel says:

    Hey D, I’m really proud of you and what you have accomplished with your blog. You are very informative, funny, and interesting!! Keep up the good work. 🙂

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