5 of the Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers 

Having great WordPress Plugins is vital for your blog, trust me. And you are gonna want these 5 below to help your blog flourish!


5 WordPress Plugins Every Blogger Needs - The Witty Wife


I think the coolest thing about starting a blog was figuring out how I wanted it to look. First off, if you are just getting started with blogging, check out my post on how to start a blog. Second, if you are looking into hosting, which I highly recommend, Bluehost is a great provider. You can start today for as little as $3.95 a month! Now, onto WordPress Plugins. I love them. Seriously, one of the best inventions for bloggers.

5 of the Best Plugins for WordPress Bloggers

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission if you purchase somethings from the link. Nevertheless, I only recommend items I truly love or enjoy! To read more about my affiliates click here.

Instagram Slider

Best Instagram feed plugin yet. Easy to use and you can display them as a widget. After downloading, you can add the Widget directly to your sidebar or footer. Then, you can choose to sort images by hashtag or user name, have caption visible, and decide what type of display you want.


I am a huge fan of Jetpack. Not only does it allow you to see site statistics, but there are tons of other features available. You can add share buttons, edit commenting preferences, connect to other accounts and more. My favorite feature of Jetpack is the ability to see your site stats right from your dashboard!


Probably my favorite plugin yet. I am still using the free version but I highly recommend all features of SumoMe. They offer share buttons that are customizable, welcome mats, hello bars, statistics, mail configuration, and more. Seriously one of the best plugins. My favorite aspect is that they allow you to customize everything the way you want it from colors to background images.

Beaver Builder

This is by far the best page builder plugin I have found. Super easy to use, navigate, and install on pages. Beaver Builder offers a site preview while you are editing which is fabulous. Additionally, you then have access to everything from your blog (widgets, images, etc). This is how I built my homepage and love it! You are able to choose how you want your images displayed (circles, squares, panoramic), location of all items, add widgets to each page, and more. I highly recommend the Beaver Builder plugin for bloggers who want to spice up their pages!

Facebook Thumb Fixer

Okay, so you may be like, what this plugin? Well, I was having an issue with images linking to my Facebook posts. So, Low and behold, Facebook Thumb Fixer helped me! This WordPress Plugin shows a preview on your sidebar of your posts of the image that will appear when copy the URL and posting to your Facebook page. Like in my previous post on how to start a blog, I mention 5 Facebook groups that are awesome for new bloggers. When posting you URL, you want the right image to appear. Facebook Thumb Fixer does just that!

In my opinion, these 5 WordPress Plugins are amazing and every blogger should have them. Bot only are all of them easy to use, but they allow you to create your website the way you want it.

5 WordPress Plugins Every Blogger Needs - The Witty Wife

So tell me, have you found some amazing WordPress plugins? I am always looking for ways to improve my website!

33 thoughts on “5 of the Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers 

  1. These are great!! I have JetPack but had heard a lot about SumoMe… and wasn’t sure about the difference. It sounds like it could be really helpful so I’ll check it out! I also use Disqus for comments and MailChimp for WordPress for an easier subscription integration. Oh – also, Yoast!


  2. Love this! A few I already use, but Beaver Builder is totally new to me. I can’t wait to give it a try, I love the way your site looks!

  3. Hey. Great post. What is your fly in join me box plug in. Also your site looks great. Awesome work. I will be adding all of these plugins.

  4. Yes!! I love having my Insta feed show on the side. <3 And Jetpack is a must – saves me so much time from having to publicize on all the sites!

  5. Thank you for the recommendations. I just started Jeptpack plugin and it’s amazing. It actually has a lot of features. How I wish I had installed it from Day 1. Beaver plugin is very useful on Page Builder. Save you a headache, esp if you are not an html guru. I need to try SumoMe and Facebook Thumb Fixer. Really, thank you, Danielle! This is great!

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