5 of the Best Apps to Stay Organized 

5 Best Apps to Stay Organized -- The Witty Wife

I love being organized. It’s in my genes. Even when I was little I would align all my socks in my drawer. Now, I color coordinate my outfits and my closet. That being said, organization apps are a must have in my life.

5 Amazing Organization Apps -- The Witty Wife

Recently, I became a blogger and finding new organization apps have become a habit. Below are five amazing organization apps that I am constantly using. From budgeting to list making, these apps have ways to make life easier.

Google Excel Sheets

This is my go-to app for budget organization. This is the perfect app to keep everything in line and the way you want it. I like to color coat my expenses and different accounts as you can see from below. The cool thing is, you share your Google Sheets with other users. So my hubby and I both have access to the budget and can make changes when needed!

Stay organized with these 5 apps! - The Witty Wife


My absolute favorite app for taking notes, making lists, etc. As a blogger, this app has become a life saver. They have a free version with so many features including checklist, inserting images, set reminders, and much more. The app allows you to make separate notebooks as well. Plus, you can manage your Evernote right from your laptop. I just started using this to organize my daily blogging tasks and it’s amazing.


Handle is a new app I am trying out to organize my calendar, emails, and to do lists. Instead of having to access all my emails from my gmail app, I am able to connect the ones I want to Handle and manage them better. It is also great for adding in multiple calendars from your other accounts as well. Never miss a birthday!

5 Amazing Apps to help with Organization - The Witty Wife


I have been using Keeper to store my passwords for over two years now. This app is amazing and allows you to make folders for each item. For instance, my loans are all under one master folder but are individualized by provider. All my important info rolled into one! And, they offer a backup for additional charge. The best part, it is fingerprint protected! You can access your information both online and on your phone.

5 Amazing Organization Apps - The Witty Wife


Not only do I use Google Spreadsheets to budget, I also like to use EveryDollar. This is a great app to see exactly where your money is going. It allows you to add different items under a multitude of different categories. You can also add multiple incomes and see a wheel of your expenses. EveryDollar is ideal if you want to have direct access to your budget. Additionally, it allows you to add bank information so it calculates other expenses for you. Pretty nifty if you ask me!

5 Amazing Organization Apps - The Witty Wife

5 Amazing Organization Apps -- The Witty Wife

Overall, these 5 amazing organization apps I truly recommend. I have an iPhone 6s which is where I use all these apps as well. They are super easy to navigate and definitely worth the time. I love finding new ways to stay organized.

The Top 5 Organization Apps You Need In Your Life!

Have you found any amazing apps for organization? Share with me, please!

31 thoughts on “5 of the Best Apps to Stay Organized 

  1. I love organization apps! I’m not sure if it’s an app or just a website (I think it’s an app, too), but have you tried Asana!? It’s the BEST for list-making, and also if you’re collaborating with someone or a group on some kind of project. I used it a ton when I was co-directing a grad school program. You can make groupings of projects and assign someone a task with a deadline, or use it for yourself for a to-do list (:

  2. Isabelle Weber says:

    Helpful list! Going to check out Handle – that’s the only one I hadn’t heard of before 🙂 Another app I like to use is Wunderlist – it’s great for collaborative lists (so you and your partner or friends or others can also be part of it)

  3. 1stclassrvadventures says:

    Ty for these suggestions ! I’m totally obsessed with organizing too!! I used to be one of those kids haha glad to meet other people like me

  4. Amber says:

    I’m totally addicted to excel spreadsheets and my label maker, so I’m totally loving this post! I just my calendar to a pen-and-paper date and I have to say, I LOVE it!

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