17 Florida Beaches in 2017 — Lido Beach

On this journey to 17 Florida Beaches in 2017, we recently spent the weekend at Lido Beach. And let me tell you what, this beach is amazing and here is why.


A Quick Guide to Lido Beach -- The Witty Wife

So far on this journey to see 17 Florida Beaches in 2017 we have been to St. Petersburg Beach and Fort Lauderdale Beach. Now, Lido Beach has taken the cake so far in regards to beaches. Maybe it’s because I got to see the sunset or because the sand it pure gold! Either way, Lido Beach is a fantastic place to visit. There is so much to do in Sarasota it is ridiculous. From roaming St. Armands Circle to walking the length of perfect white sand, Lido Key is the perfect getaway.

St. Armands Circle

Just like in Fort Lauderdale, Lido Key has a collection of shops and restaurants right off the shore. St. Armands Circle consists of four quadrants and is filled with tons of local delights. If you are in the mood for some shopping, a good meal, cheap drinks, or a fabulous macaron, make sure you make your way through St. Armands circle. You will find some of the cutest clothes and most delicious food imaginable.

A Quick Guide to Lido Beach -- The Witty Wife

A Quick Guide to Lido Beach -- The Witty Wife

Where to Eat

Fortunately, we got to eat at many different places over the weekend! For Breakfast, eat at The Blue Dolphin Cafe in the green quadrant. Their portion sizes are amazing and their food is delicious. AND, they have gluten free toast!! Check out Cha Cha Coconuts, Crab & Fin, or Surf Shack for a delicious lunch or dinner. The Surf Shack has the absolute best tacos known to man. I got the tiger shrimp and bacon cheeseburger tacos. Talk about yummy goodness! Now, for drinks, the Daiquerideck is where it’s at. From 3 to 7 everyday they have 2 for 1 daiquiris. This includes any flavor and they have roughly 30 different ones to try. I recommend trying the Monkey-berry and Strawberry Shortcake.


Palm Trees

Once again, I must talk about the palm trees. If you read my other post on Fort Lauderdale Beach and St. Petersburg Beach you will see my obsession with palms unfold. Lido Beach has some of the most perfect palm trees. They line the coast right before you reach the sand. There are tons of different species of palms here and even some banana and pineapple trees. Make sure you take Benjamin Franklin Drive to get to the beach!

The Beach

Lido Beach is a fantastic place to relax, enjoy the sunset, and grab some seashells. There is a mound of rocks right in the clear water that makes for fabulous pictures. Parking is free which is awesome. I suggest parking in front of Grant Dr. and walking the beach strip. You will also find the Lido Beach Restaurant where you can grab a quick snack before heading to the sand. When we were there, the tide was really low and it was super easy to find seashells. Unlike Fort Lauderdale Beach, Lido is more relaxed and family-oriented.

Le Macaron French Pastries

This place you guys…. It is fantastic. This was the first time I had an authentic macaron and it was amazing. I got a coconut, vanilla bean, and salted caramel. Honestly, I could have eaten all three but I gave one to my hubby. You must check out this place and get yourself a macaron. Let me know what one you try from Le Macaron!

A Quick Guide to Lido Beach -- The Witty Wife

The Sunset

The sunset is something that surely cannot be missed. The best place to watch it is right in front of the Holiday Inn on Lido Beach. I recommend getting there about 30 minutes before so you have time to get a good spot. Most of my pictures from the sunset were taken from there. We also went onto the beach and sat up on the look out! Either way, just make sure you catch it.

A Quick Guide to Lido Beach - The Witty Wife A Quick Guide to Lido Beach - The Witty Wife A Quick Guide to Lido Beach - The Witty WifeA Quick Guide to Lido Beach -- The Witty Wife

So far, Lido Beach is my favorite. There is so much culture, things to do, and beautiful sand. Next, we travel to Venice Beach on St. Patrick’s Day weekend!

What to do at Lido Beach -- The Witty Wife

Have you ever been to Lido Beach? What did you love most?

23 thoughts on “17 Florida Beaches in 2017 — Lido Beach

  1. unbelievable pics of the sunset on Lido beach. Living so close in Louisiana, I have been to much of Florida and of course many of their beaches on both the atlantic and the gulf. However, Sarasota and Lido beach have alluded me for some odd reason. I even have friends in Sarasota. Need to get over there as soon as possible

  2. Lido Beach sounds really awesome. We will have to check it out very soon. We moved to Florida in the last year and we’ve been trying beaches up and down the SWFL gulf coast. You should check out Sanibel Island, it’s my absolute favorite place. Great beaches and such a cool, relaxed island vibe. Can’t wait to check out the rest of your series. So cool!

  3. We drove down Sarasota to check out Siesta Key but didn’t get to visit Lido beach. Will certainly keep this in mind next time! – thegospelofbeauty.org

  4. Marilyn Kaufer says:

    This is our favorite family beach. We love to go to nearby Mote Aquarium and Pelican Man Sanctuary, also!

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