10 Things You Should Practice To Restore Your Peace

10 Things You Can Practice to Restore Your Peace. Find new ways to become happier today! A guest post from Danielle at The Taste Team-- The Witty Wife

Restoring your inner peace can seem hard and tedious. But luckily, Danielle over at The Taste Team reccomends 10 Things You Should Practice To Restore Your Peace. 


10 Things You Can Practice to Restore Your Peace. Find new ways to become happier today! A guest post from Danielle at The Taste Team-- The Witty Wife


10 Things You Can Practice to Restore Your Inner Peace

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Most of us with good intentions want peace in our lives.  Life isn’t always easy, and things happen that, if allowed, will cause unrest.  As an entrepreneur, daughter, sister, and friend dealing with many different personalities daily, I know all too well how challenging it can be to maintain a peaceful state of mind.  


If you find yourself feeling uneasy, not being able to sleep at night, or just not feeling in a place of peace, it’s time to take some action to restore your peace.  There a several things we can put into practice to bring a state of peace back into our lives.


Meditate or pray

Some call it meditation.  I call it prayer.  Often, we find ourselves running to a “confidant” when we should really be running to the arms of our Father.  Before you do anything else, say a prayer to God and ask him to give you peace.  Always remember His word in John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”


You always have peace within you.  Just stay in touch with the Father.  Know that trials and challenging circumstances are inevitable, but God is with you every step of the way.


Spend some time alone

All our circumstances are different, but most of them involve others.  Work, relationships, kids, and priorities outside of ourselves don’t always allow for personal time.  It’s important to take (or schedule) a moment occasionally, for “me time”.  Give yourself time to refocus, do something you love, and quiet all the noise in your life.  Recharge with alone time to restore your peace.  


Have a go-to place or activity that makes you happy or brings peaceful feelings

I have a few places I go to bring about peace.  Most of these places are simple, and perfect for quieting your mind and calming your thoughts.  Some ideas for peaceful activities are:


  • Park
  • Movies
  • A drive to nowhere
  • A neighborhood walk
  • Spa
  • Road Trip
  • Yoga
  • Music
  • Sleep


Do something that makes you laugh

Have you ever been in a serious debate with someone and both of you found yourselves laughing at how ridiculous it was?   Sometimes laughter truly is the bests remedy for life’s intense moments.  

Rent a funny movie or go to a comedy show.  Spend time laughing and joking with your best friends.  Do something to diffuse all the serious, demanding things going on in life.  Sometimes restoring peace is as simple as taking a moment to laugh at your pain.


Learn to practice patience and choose your battles

When we’ve been hurt or mistreated, our natural first reaction as human beings is to lash out or retaliate.  We the person who hurt us to not only know, but feel exactly how we feel.  It might seem like the best solution in our moment of anger or pain, but ultimately it does more harm than good.  Thinking in terms of peace, it’s better to just let it go.    Accept the good and know that the bad will be handled.   Choose peace in that situation to maintain peace in your life.


We’ve all had moments where we’ve made the wrong decision and went the retaliation route.  Going forward let that be a learning experience.  Restore your peace by releasing whatever pain and anger you have about the situation.  Let it go and know that everything will work out.  You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.


Forgive, heal, and do your best to forget

Growing up, I often heard the phrase forgive and forget.  I don’t know which one is harder, the forgiveness part or forgetting.  If you don’t forget how you’ve been wronged, have you truly forgiven?  And if you forget it, will you allow it to happen again?


One thing is certain, forgiveness is a gesture of deciding to be at peace.  It doesn’t mean you must restore that relationship and be what you once were to that person again.  Hopefully, you’ve learned from the situation and are wiser and better for it.  It simply means you’re choosing to make peace, not hold a grudge, and to move forward no longer being stuck or hindered by it.


Forgiveness is part of your healing.  With time, you’ll heal and the forgetting part will naturally occur.  You won’t magically wipe a hurtful incident or hurtful words from your memory, but it won’t affect you as it did once upon a time.  Choose to forgive and let go of grudges to restore your peace.


Think about the good things happening and be grateful

Focus on what’s going right in your life and what you possibly avoided by missing out on what you think went wrong.  Show gratitude for the good things that are happening and what you already have.  Thinking positively about your circumstances will help to restore peace in your life.


Speak and think positively

Every day, you have a choice to be an optimist or a pessimist.  Choose to be an optimist.  Start to speak about situations positively and look forward to the future in a positive way.  The way you speak about your life tends to be how it’s reflected.  Invite peace into your life by shutting out negativity.  


Focus on the things you can control

It’s important to recognize the difference between things we can control and things we can’t.  Many of the things that disrupt our peace involve things going on in the world that are ultimately out of our control.  What we can control are our thoughts and actions about the things going on in our lives.  


To an extent, we can also control who and what we invite into our lives.  In the words of an acquaintance, “is it worth your peace of mind?”.  Sure, it’s unrealistic to think we can get rid of every difficult employee, co-worker, family member, or circumstance.  We can, however, have boundaries and limits as to how and how much we deal with unpeaceful people, places, and issues.  Decide what’s worth it to you, and begin to let go of the what’s disrupting your peace.


Shift your thoughts

Of course, outside circumstances can be disturbing, but many times our unrest comes from the way we think.  It seems so simple, but changing the way we think is one of the hardest things to do.  Controlling our thoughts is the first step to controlling our actions. A peaceful heart and mind are at the core of a peaceful life.  Shift your thoughts from whatever is causing you unrest.  
Peace comes from within.  Once you learn how to be at peace, you’ll have the key to not coming unglued even if chaos is all around you.  Using these action steps will give you the practice you need to have a more peaceful life.


Thank you to our wonderful guest blogger, Danielle! Make sure you check out her other posts at The Taste Team.

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