17 Florida Beaches in 2017

17 Florida Beaches Not to Miss in 2017

Florida has over 650 miles of white sandy beaches. For 2017, my goal is to bask in the sun at 17 different Florida Beaches.


17 Must See Florida Beaches in 2017-- A Journey with The Witty Wife

Ever since I was little, I have been drawn to the water and adventure. I grew up in Michigan with Great Lakes on each side. Now, at the ripe age of 23, my husband and I have picked up our lives and moved to Northern Florida. Surrounded by two major waterways, it is time to see those white sandy beaches. So, in this series, I will bring you along on the journey of seeing 17 Florida Beaches in 2017. Below is what is in store>>>

List of Florida Beaches for 2017 (updated April 18th!):

Update: I am actually adding a few beaches to this list! The above list may alter as well 🙂

  • Daytona Beach–April 1st
  • Lido BeachMarch 3rd-4th

Since there are 17 beaches and we are already half way through February, we will be hitting a beach at least every other weekend. We are trying to organize when we are going to each beach. We have mapped out when we will be visiting some of the beaches and I will update them as time draws on.


Goals for Each Beach (or at least some):
  • Palm tree photo!
  • Lunch/drinks on Beach
  • Jumping photo (at least one)
  • Name in sand 🙂 at some Beaches
  • Sunset photo when possible!
  • See popular local sights!

Along the way, more goals may appear for each beach. I really want to try to get the best photos possible. Let the ADVENTURE begin!! Want to fly south for the winter, too? Check out where you can find super cheap plane tickets.

17 Must See Florida Beaches in 2017-- A Journey with The Witty Wife

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Have you visited any beaches in Florida? What’s your fave and what ones can’t I miss??


23 thoughts on “17 Florida Beaches in 2017

  1. Oh em gee!! This is such a great idea! I’m also in Florida, I would love to visit a beach every other weekend! I’ll be checking back to see your travels lady!

  2. It looks like so much fun to go to all of these beaches! I’ve never been to a Florida beach myself! I’ve been only to Disney World and the airport… Maybe I need to explore more on my next Disney trip!

  3. I wish we had had a list like this the last time we visited Florida. I do love Key West, Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach. We had an awesome time. Pinning this for myself and others. This list is so very helpful!

  4. This is amazing and actually PERFECT timing for me. My husband and I moved to the east coast recently (both of us were born and raised in California) and we MISS our beaches. I know the west coast beaches like the back of my hand but I’m still unfamiliar with the southern coast! Thank you for sharing this <3

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