Where to Find the Cheapest Airline Tickets

The struggle is real when it comes to planning a vacation. My hubby and I love to go on adventures and spur of the moment trips. In doing so, we try to find the cheapest airline tickets out there.

Where To Find The Cheapest Flights - The Witty Wife

Where to Find the Cheapest Flights

The first part of planning an awesome getaway is finding cheap airline tickets. I like to browse multiple providers before making my purchase. Here are four of my all-time favorite search engines for finding cheap airline tickets.

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Skyscanner is great for many reasons. Not only can you find super awesome deals on flights, but they also have search engines for hotels and car rentals. Additionally, Skyscanner lets you choose to search flights within a whole month or you can chose to pick the “cheapest month” if you are flexible! They also have an app for ya’ll!

Best for: Domestic and international flight fares.

Find the Cheapest flight deals out there!--The Witty Wife


I have previously talked about Fly.com n my post on how to find roundtrip tickets under $50. Fly.com is an awesome website that is super easy to navigate. They offer a drop down menu featuring Today’s Best Fares. This will be your go-to when booking spur of the moment trips. Also, they allow customization for when you would like to take your trip (i.e. within the next 90 days or within the next 2 weekends). Fly.com will give you a huge amount of options of destinations once you chose where you are flying out from. The best part is, Fly.com shows you the cheapest flights available within the next 90 days!!

Best for: Domestic and international travel and last minute deals.

Find the cheapest flights out there!!--The Witty Wife

TIP: It is cheaper to fly out on a Tuesday or a Wednesday than any other days of the week!


JetRadar is another great website for finding discounted flights. The coolest thing about this search engine is the suggested “Top Destinations” for you to visit from your location. JetRadar also allows you to book hotels, rental cars, and even check bus routes right through their website. This is a great place to look for all types of flights and vacation needs!

Best for: Finding trip inspiration and cheap airfare.

Find the Cheapest Flight Deals out there!!--The Witty Wife


Talk about finding multiple flight options!! Justfly shows multiple airline results as well as the cheapest fare possible. I recently searched a roundtrip flight to London from Jacksonville and found it for $693! That is a steal. Definitely check out this site for international travel. It is very similar to Fly.com but offers some pretty wicked deals.

And, Here are some EXCLUSIVE savings for you: Save up to 80% off flights at Justfly.com!

Best for: International flight airfare.

Find the best flight deals out there!!--The Witty Wife

It is better to search for flights on a Tuesday Night than any other day of the week! Click To Tweet

Have you found some awesome websites with cheap airline tickets?

When and Where to Find the Cheapest Flights -- The Witty Wife


Don't miss your chance to find the cheapest flights out there!--The Witty Wife
Where to Find the Cheapest Flights

45 thoughts on “Where to Find the Cheapest Airline Tickets

  1. This is a really practical post, and included some sites I’ve never used before! We’re looking at possible flying back to the USA for a visit this summer (we’re American but live in SouthEast Asia) and I definitely want to find the cheapest and most strategic flights available!

    • Hi Rachel! Thank you so much for your feedback. I am glad you like the post! These websites are awesome. Personally, I use fly.com the most. South east Asia must be beautiful! I hope you are able to find a cheap flight back 🙂

  2. Great tips! Flying can be really expensive if you don’t look about on a million different sites, which is so time consuming. It also helps to delete browser cookies too as airlines use them to affect prices!

  3. Great info here, I too like to fly out on a week day instead of a week-end mainly due to the amount of people travelling at that time. I don’t like all the crowds and waiting in long lines lol. I love your links to the sites and I am saving them so when I go on my next trip in August I will use those for research also.

  4. Patricia @ Grab a Plate says:

    Great resources! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m doing a search as soon as I leave this comment! Need to get some (cheap) flights booked! 🙂

  5. emilynncaulfield says:

    Wow. I really appreciate this post considering how badly I want to travel but can’t due to expenses. Definitely bookmarking this post- thank you so much!

  6. I hadn’t seen these particular ones before, I’ll definitely try them when. I go to book our next trip. I’ve used alerts through kayak but not much more than that. Thanks for the suggestions!!

  7. This is such a helpful list! I’m planning on flying to see my mother-in-law in June and my husband and I usually just drive when we travel (we like making a road trip out of it) so I’m not the best at finding deals, haha! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this!

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