Life After College: The truth about my degree

College was literally one of the best experiences of my life. It gave me the chance to figure out who I am, to grow, and to learn. But today, I’m not using my degree and that’s okay.

Life After College: Not Using My Degree - The Witty Wife

I'm not using my degree and I'm okay with that.

We are currently in s time where over 20 million students register for classes each year. It is a common misconception that one must obtain a degree to be successful. I know plenty of people who do not have degrees and live in mansions on the beach. Don’t get me wrong, I think that everyone should experience college at some point. The small liberal arts school I attended gave the best memories and long lasting friendships I could ever hope for. But currently, I work at a company where a degree is not required and it is by far the best place I have ever worked.

I'm not using my college degree, and that's okay. Adrian College changed me for the better.
Adrian College Commencement Plaza

College Experience Overview:

At the start of college, I wanted to be a journalist. I imagined working for a high end newspaper like Cosmopolitan or Teen Vogue. That dream vanished when I realized I would have to start off at a small newspaper serving coffee. Not my cup of tea. I joined an acting class just for fun freshmen year. You know, for the art credit? But to my surprise, I loved it. So I decided to take on both English and Theatre. While in theatre, I realized how much I enjoy working with people and how badly I wanted to become a casting director. So, I joined a sorority, multiple clubs, and focused on getting my degree.

I'm not using my college degree, and that's okay. Adrian College changed me for the better.
Downs Hall at Adrian College-Theatre Department
Fast forward six years later. I am now almost two years post grad.  And what have I done with a double major bachelors degree? Many things I never thought I would do.

Jobs I have had since graduation:

I worked at a local paper while in my senior year at Adrian. I was an account executive and received a preview of what life would be life post graduation at a desk job. After a year and a month before graduation it became clear to me that I needed to try my hand in the fast-paced theatre world.

To start off my grad experience, I got an internship as an assistant stage manager. I was thrilled. This was my shot at starting my career. Yet as the weeks trailed on and each morning was the same: sweep stage, mop stage, set stage, sit and take notes. I began to realize that this was not what I wanted to be.

Next, I worked at a coffee shop. Boy was that a pain! I applaud baristas to the max. Learning all those drink orders and such. That just wasn’t for me.

Then I found David’s Bridal.

David’s filled a gap for me. No degree necessary. But David’s was like the missing part of me that I didn’t know I was looking for. The pay started off rough and I knew I needed a second job.

I tried once again at a career where my degree was mandatory and were a desk was my work space. I began a special events coordinator position with the classic 9 to 5 hours. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love planning events. It gives me the same thrill as theatre. But during the week, everything becomes repetitive, and I have a very short attention span. I am a creative, outgoing soul who loves adventure. So a desk job just didn’t fit that well.

Finally, I made my way back to David’s Bridal. This career choice is the perfect one for me right now. It gives me flexibility, joy, and I am passionate about what I do.

I'm not using my degree and I'm okay with that.
Fun after hours at David’s Bridal!

The Now:

Today, my life is filled with more joy and happiness than any job could ever bring. Even though those college loan bills keep coming God keeps providing. I have an amazing family I get to spend time with and a job I love.

College was one of the best decisions I have ever made and if I could do it over again, I would. However, I would start over with an open mind. The world after college is a crazy endeavor. And with or without a degree, there truly is a job for everyone.

Dreams change, life moves forward, and we continue to grow as a person.  So I’ve had a lot of jobs, so what? So I’m not really in a position where a bachelors degree is necessary, big deal. What I am doing is using my skills I learned from college such as communication and determination, growing the relationships in my life, and finding my own path. And I’m totally okay with that.

Are you using your degree? Tell me about it 🙂


2 thoughts on “Life After College: The truth about my degree

  1. Lynzi says:

    Great article! I totally relate, I will probably never work in the field my degree is in, but I wouldn’t trade my collegiate experience for anything. The things you learn about life, outside of the classroom, while in college are the true treasures we gain!

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