3 of the Best Gift Ideas for Him this Year


 Recently my hubby and I have trailed away from gift giving and more towards adventure giving! This consist of experiences such as traveling to places, high ropes courses, even putt-putt.


3 Amazing Gift Ideas to Make Him Smile - The Witty Wife

Below you will find three of my favorite presents I have given my hubby. His response to these gifts were priceless.

Date Night Jar

This is one of the best presents I think I have ever handed over to my hubby. Compliments of the wondrous world of Pinterest, I came across the instructions of a “Date night jar.” The best part is you can personalize the dates for you and your boo. He will never have to ask again “What do you want to do for date night?” It’s simple to make and mine turned out adorable.

The items you will need:

  • Small jar- Hobby Lobby sells these so does Michaels  Small jar form hobby lobby
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Gems or stickers of three different colors
  • Date ideas
  • Any other misc décor for your jar
  • A sharpie

Decide on three price points for your dates. I did Over $100 Under $50 and under $10. The dates that are over $100 are usually weekend activities or more of a whole day affair. The Under $50 dates are evening adventures like bowling or movies and dinner. Finally, the Under $10 dates consist of nights in, walks in the park, and other cheap or free experiences.

Separate out the popsicle sticks into three sections. I used a total of 30, or 10 sticks for each price point. For each price Gem Stickers from Hobby Lobbyamount, stick a different color gem or sticker to the end of the popsicle stick. I used three different color sparkle gems. Then, place one of each color on the lid of the jar or on an index card and label what price point is for each sticker.

Sample list of date ideas:

  1. Go to the park
  2. Go to the beach
  3. Weekend away
  4. Cedar point (or any other amusement park)
  5. Paintball
  6. Movies
  7. Drive In
  8. Take a cooking class
  9. Help at a shelter
  10. Volunteer together
  11. Cook together
  12. Bowling
  13. Netflix nightMemorable Date Night Jar
  14. B&B
  15. Frankenmuth (or any other little town that you find interesting)After labeling each stick, place them all in the jar with the gems or stickers at the top. Ta Da!

My hubby loves this jar. It is a win-win for us both. He can never say he doesn’t know what to do for date night and we stay on budget because we know how much each date will most likely cost.


“Open when” letters

“Open When” letters are some one my favorite things! This is a gift you can do for friends and family as well. A few years ago I had no idea what to make my hubby (then boyfriend, hehe) for Christmas and I was working on a college budget. So after some research and from the help of my friend Pinterest, I came up with “Open When” letters. A lot of the posts I saw for this were simply the letters and nothing else special in them. I decided to tweak mine a little and add some extras to each envelop.
Items you will need:

  • 12 envelopes
  • An array of different color markers
  • Some cute paper or lined paper…Whatever suits your fancy
  • Extra things such as tea bags, Advil, pictures of you, memory items

Now for the fun part! Come up with roughly 12 “open when” topics. Some examples include:

  • Open when—you are feeling lonely
  • Open when—you are feeling sick
  • Open when—you miss me
  • Open after you propose to me
  • Open when—you had a bad day
  • Open when—you need to laugh
  • Open after we had a fight
  • Open when—you want to know how much I love you
  • Open when—you need to smile
  • Open RIGHT NOW
  • Open on your birthday
  • Open when—you can’t sleep

There are tons of examples out there, these are just some of my favorites. I did silly things such as put tea bags and Advil in the sick card, a hair-tie in the miss me envelop, I put on some lip gloss and kissed the feeling lonely envelope, and I added pictures to many others. To say the least, he loved these. And to this day he still brings them up. Plus, he gets to keep the letters and read them whenever he wants.

Picnic in the living room

At this point we were on a shoestring budget, and by shoestring I mean Racrockpot-recipe-chickenmen and Cheerios on a daily basis. It was Valentines Day 2015 and I was trying to think of what the best gift could be. My hubby loves homemade food. Actually, he just loves food in general and they say “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

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What you will need:

  • Candles
  • Home-cooked meal—Try this simple and easy chicken Crockpot one <<<< it is delicious!
  • A blanket
  • A bottle of wine

I decided to make this a surprise and got everything ready before he got home from work. He loved it, absolutely loved it! This present was super easy and a cheap way to make a special day even better.


There are tons of gift ideas out there for your man but these are a few of my favorites. Some of the best gifts come straight from the heart and from the simple items around your home.


What is one of the most memorable gifts you have given?



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