10 Super Cute Gift Ideas For Women Under $20

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The stores are filling up with glittering wrapping paper, the aisles are packed with hundreds of gift sets, and your Christmas buying list keeps growing.

 10 Gift Ideas For Her Under $20!

From jewelry boxes to plush blankets, there are 10 gift ideas you MUST have on your list this holiday season

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Buying gifts can be a bit overwhelming. With over 20 people on my husband and I’s combined list, it can get a bit stressful. And over half of those folks are women. Luckily, I love shopping. Like, really love shopping. So,  it is not surprising that I have found some of the best presents for the ones I love.

1.Photo book

I believe photo books are one of the most authentic and original gifts you can give to someone. Shutterfly has awesome deals on hard and soft cover photos books, frequently bringing your gift cost to $20. The cool thing about Shutterfly is the amount of free backgrounds, embellishments, and design elements they offer. It’s safe to say that I already made two this holiday season 🙂

10 Super Cute Gift Ideas Under $20
Shutterfly Photo book (Price Varies)

2. Cute Personalized Jewelry

Both Etsy and Amazon offer some of the coolest personalized jewelry. Name necklaces and bracelets are really in right now. I love receiving personalized items. It makes me think, “Wow, they actually went to the lengths to find something with my name.” It’s safe to say this is a good option for just about any woman in your life. The name necklace below from Amazon is sterling silver and only $18.99!

Sterling Silver Name Necklace $18.99

3. Scarves

Scarves are the perfect gift for any age. Living in Michigan, the winters as always cold meaning scarves are a necessity. There are tons of places that sell scarves for super great prices. check out Walmart, Rue 21, Charlotte Russe, Target, and Amazon for the best scarves. My favorite style is the infinity scarf. This goes great with any type of outfit. Going with a neutral shade such as cream of black will work out well for ya. Check out the super cute scarf below. You can get it for only $8.99 right now. That’s a steal!

Knit Scarf $8.99

4. Plush Blanket

Who doesn’t love a blanket?? The best kind are the big, plushy ones like the pictures below. I love  that there are tons of colors and designs to choose from. Oddly enough, Kroger has some of the best plush blankets out there and they are currently $12.99! TJMaxx also has some super cute ones as well that are less that $20. Check them out below!

Check out these super cute presents under $20!
TJMaxx Plush Blanket
Check out these super cute presents under $20!!
Kroger Plush Blanket $12.99








5. Cute Sweater

Being a fashionista myself, clothing is a perfect gift. The cool thing is that many places have the most adorable sweaters on sale now. Check out this one from Kohl’s. It is currently only $9.99 and I purchased the exact one on Black Friday!

Find Super Cute gift ideas for all the women in your life for under $20
Kohl’s Knit Sweater $9.99

6. Fuzzy Slipper Boots


It’s always a good idea to buy fuzzy slippers no matter the season! I’m pretty sure almost every woman owns a pair of slippers. Fuzzy slipper boots would go perfect with the collection. Amazon and Walmart  offer a huge variety of slipper boots. From cheetah print, to tassels, to ruby red, there is a style for anyone. Check out these super cute sky blue swirl slippers below! I want them!

10 Super Cute Gift Ideas Under $20
Fuzzy Slipper Boots $16.99

7. Sparkling Candle Holders

TJMaxx has some of the most beautiful and unique items. It is hard not to go into their store and spend money because everything is so fantastic. Check out these candle holders for instance. They would be the perfect gift for someone who loves a little sparkle! Seriously a Steal!!

10 Super Cute Gift Ideas Under $20
TJMaxx Candle Holder $12.99

8. Mirror Jewelry Box

A mirror jewelry box adds a delicate touch to a vanity or dresser. Any women can use one even if they don’t use it for jewelry, trust me. I love using all sorts of boxes to hold items. It helps me organize 🙂

10 Super Cute Gift Ideas for Women under $20

TJMaxx Jewelry Box $14.99

9. Tote Bag

I mean, come on. How cute is the bag below from Amazon? A tote bag is a super affordable and efficient gift for that lady in your life that loves going places. I personally own about 5 tote bags! Such a great invention.

10 Super Cute Presents For Women Under $20
Tote Bag $19.98

10. Gift Cards

Everyone loves gift cards. Plain and simple. This will give the women in your life the chance to pick there own present! Try purchasing gift cards through a rewards program or from Kroger and get 4x the fuel points! Score!


What gifts have you gotten for others this year??

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