3 Reasons Why You Must Visit Santorini

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 Santorini is an island off the coast of Greece. Pure white structures with blue doors line the seaside. If you have never visited this magical place, you are missing out.

Santorini is a must visit. The white buildings to the blue domes, Santorini is magical.

About three years ago I traveled to 9 different countries, Greece being one of them. While on this voyage, I planned a trip with Semester at Sea to Santorini. From pictures on Pinterest, to the posts about how beautiful Santorini is, I knew I had to cross it off my bucket list. Here are some reasons why you should, too!

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It is as beautiful as they say it is.

From the blue doors to the white washed walls with the occasional shade of pink, Santorini is just as beautiful as they say. It is hard to take in all the beauty until you are actually gone and then you think to yourself, “Did I really just visit Santorini?” From the town of Ia to the suburbs of Fira, there is so much culture on this one island. On top of that, the hotels are amazing. Some hotels, like Volcano View Hotel, have the most breathtaking views!


The sunsets are practically from a story book.

The sunset in Santorini is one of the most fabulous views of all time. On the evening we were there, I was prepared to capture the sunset with my canon camera no matter what. As the sun began to set, travelers made beeline paths for the best spot to catch this majestic moment. We ended up at the most beautiful spot, with not only a view of the water but of a elegant windmill. Be sure you find a spot way before sunset so you can capture this amazing sight as well!

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Sunset in Santorini - The Witty Wife


There is magical views around every corner.

Santorini is one of those places that once you leave, you think, “When can I go back?” The little cobblestone streets are filled with locals, tourists, travelers, donkeys, and street vendors. It is hard to imagine that all these people and things can fit onto one amazing island. Everywhere you turn, there is a new sight to see. You can catch a glimpse of the flowers cascading over the edges of a wall. Then, you can view the Mediterranean in its vast entirety over the ledge of a rooftop restaurant.
There is magic around every corner in Santorini! You must visit.

Whether you get to visit Santorini only for an evening  or for a long week vacation, the trip is worth while. God has created such a beautiful world for us to cherish and enjoy. Santorini is another piece of this magnificent earth and definitely lives up to it’s expectation of perfection.

3 Reasons Why You Must Visit Santorini

While you are there, be sure to capture the sunset, eat a Greek salad, and enjoy a glass of wine while overlooking the Mediterranean. Are you ready to fly?? Be sure to check out where to find the best international flights deals!

Have you visited Santorini? What are some of your favorite highlights? Let me know!

22 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Must Visit Santorini

  1. Santorini has been on my list for so long! Whenever I see a picture from there I can’t wait to go. But I want to save up, so I can take my mom with me 😀
    Beautiful pictures and great article!

  2. Just visited Santorini and other places in Greece last year. My husband and I has amazing experience in Santorini and would definitely visit it again.

    I have some articles about Santorini in my blog if you would like to read our Santorini adventures.

  3. 3 more reasons for me to consider booking a trip to Santorini! The pictures are beautiful and I’m sure the place looks even better in real life.

  4. Missed Santorini while in Greece a few years ago. From your pictures, it looks like it was a bad move to skip Santorini. I guess, that means I need to go back. Love your pictures!!

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