What I learned from my first RV roadtrip 

Just this past week, my husband and I participated in a cross country road trip with my mother, her Fiance and my Papa–In an RV.

Traveling in an RV across country taught me a lot. Here are some things you should know, too!

Our voyage from Michigan to Florida was one to remember. From taking I 65 instead of the classic I 75 to being in the RV for three days, the excursion was definitely fun.

Traveling in an RV across country taught me a lot. Here are some things you should know, too!

So what did I learn from this 1200 mile roadtrip in a 35ft RV pulling a 20ft trailer? Well…

RVs go 20 miles slower than normal cars

When traveling in an RV, everything goes slower. What we thought was going to be a 2 day voyage down to Florida actually took 3 and the RV towing a 20ft trailer can only go so fast. We took the long way around via I65 for flatter incline. When we hit a hill, we decelerate automatically, roughly 20 mph decrease. It was like riding one of those roller coasters that go “click-click-click” until you reach the top of the hill and then WHOOSH.

Going to the bathroom is harder than going on an airplane

It is very convenient to have a bathroom on board. I think is one of the best time savers, considering we have to drive slower anyways. With a bathroom on board we have less stops. However, talk about a hassle. Especially in the dark, that was fun!

Having huge windows is great for views

When on the road in an RV, you can see everything. There are so many windows which makes it easy to get the best pictures without having to move seats. I kept making jokes that the RV reminded me of a space shuttle.

Normal gas station are a negative ghost rider

We learned this the hard way. We pulled into a gas station in Kentucky with the intention to back out. As we were leaving, the bottom of the trailer scrapped the ground so hard that I was afraid it was going to tip right over the RV. Long story short, we had to find another way out. Trucker gas stations from there on out.

Truck stops are not just for trucks

Since the gas station incident, we only used truck stops for our all our needs. And truck stops are for everyone! The one we stopped at right outside of Tallahassee had a food court, gas station, convenient store, and more. Truck stops are for everyone 🙂 and they are not as creepy as they sound!

Time doesn’t seem to pass

This is both a positive and a negative. While in the moment, all I wanted was to make it to our destination. Yet, now I look back and see how much fun we had while traveling in the RV. From long conversations and road games, to an easily accessible nap, the RV was the perfect venue for a family vacation.


Overall, our excursion from Southern Michigan to Northern Florida in an RV was quite an experience. From the classic views of the mountains to the crazy gas station breaks, we enjoyed our time. 


​Have you ever traveled in an RV? Tell me about it!


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