How we saved over $6,000 on Our Wedding

From the rehearsal dinner to the venue to the dress, weddings are expensive!

We literally saved thousands on our wedding. You can, too!

 Disclaimer: The following article contains affiliate links. Nevertheless, I only promote products that I sincerely recommend.

If there is one thing I know a lot about it is planning parties on a budget. We were both in college and working full-time when we decided to say “I Do.” Meaning, we were working on a shoestring budget to plan a wedding for 150+ people. There are certain things that you need to take into account when preparing a budget for your wedding.

  • Who is all pitching in? Will mom, dad, and in-laws be helping or are you own your own?
  • How many people do you really need to invite to be happy?
  • Location and day

If everyone is pitching in to help pay for the wedding, then your chances are better when working with your tight budget. If it is just you and your boo, things might be a little harder. Luckily, we had some help from our parents but the majority of the wedding was paid directly from our own pockets.

Our Wedding

Disclaimer: The following article contains affiliate links. Nevertheless, I only promote products that I sincerely recommend. 

How many people you want to invite verses how many you need to invite is important. For example, we could have invited over 350 people to our wedding based off of how many people we wanted to invite. However, we knew our budget would not allow it. Instead, we made a list of the people we needed to invite in order to feel happy with the outcome.

The location of your wedding and the day you choose to have it on determines a lot. We got married in a small town where things run a little cheaper than say a high-class loft restaurant would in New York. Additionally, we chose to have our wedding on a Friday instead of a Saturday. This saved us over $500 because our venue gave us a discount for a Friday rather than a Saturday!! We also decided to have our reception at a hotel which offered a convenient place for our guests with block pricing.

First Dance

We were working with a budget around $10,000 that was to include our honeymoon, rings, and wedding itself! Evidently, there were some items we needed to cut or tweak in order to meet this goal.

No Limo

Instead of a $600 limo service, we opted for our bridal party to carpool 🙂

No photo booth

This was a hard one to give up, but we knew our guests would be okay with out it. Instead, we splurged on a good DJ and free drinks 🙂

Picked a Friday

Like I said earlier, having our wedding on a Friday was a game changer! It allowed us to invite over 200 people with expectations that about 50 wouldn’t make it due to work, trips, etc.

Family Caterer and Friend Bartender

Catering is one of the most expensive aspects of planning a wedding.

Amazon gold Rimmed Plates
Amazon Gold Rimmed Plates

Some venues charge over $50/per person. I knew we could not afford that so we opted for my mother and grandfather who are FANTASTIC Italian cooks. Going with a family or friend caterer can save you loads. We saved over $5,000 going with this option. Additionally, we opted for buying our own fancy plastic plates! These are so pretty and realistic as well as extremely affordable compared to renting. Check out the gold rimmed set from Amazon>>>!

We also had a wonderful friend who offered to be our bartender for the evening. We had a partial open bar, meaning, we had a signature drink, two kegs, sangria, and some light cocktails. This actually saved us a lot of money because we paid for the alcohol out right rather than an up charge.

Travel Agent for Honeymoon

Most people think that going through a travel agent is more expensive than doing the trip on your own but this is not always the case. We went through Central Travel and ended up paying a total of $2,400 for our all inclusive 7 day honeymoon to Mexico!

Ceremony Dress
Ceremony Dress-Brooklyn Bridal

Buy off the Rack

I know many people think it is a cliche to buy a wedding dress off the rack but that is exactly what I did. Actually, I was able to buy TWO for under $600 total. Yup, bargain shopper that I am bought my first dress early on then a second “reception” dress about two weeks out. This will say you thousands, actually.

Reception Dress-Brooklyn Bridal
Reception Dress-Brooklyn Bridal

Buy instead of rent

This was one of the biggest savers for us, besides the food cost, that we had. I spent day in and day out researching rental companies for my linens before I decided to purchase. My options were to rent my tablecloths for $15 a piece or buy them for $10 a piece… I chose the latter. We also bought our own chair covers, too! Check out Ebay and Amazon for some awesome deals on these items.

Wedding Favor
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The coolest aspect of planning a wedding on a tight budget is the thrilling feeling you get when you see how much you are saving. Just like my post about cutting your clothing budget in half, cutting our wedding budget helped us look for better deals. Say I had a $20,000 instead of a $10,000 and was able to rent my linens and chair covers instead of buying them. I would then have to work with a vendor, make sure they were delivered on time, the right color, no stains, etc. Having my linens beforehand actually eliminated a lot of Day Of stress for me. My cousin even borrowed my linens for her wedding! See, reusable purpose as well!

Working with a tight budget for your wedding is possible, you just need the right resources and mindset.

There are many helpful tools out there for planning your wedding, such as wedding wire and the knot, and using these to your advantage will help alleviate your wedding stress. We were able to save over $6,000 of costs for our wedding by buying items instead of renting, eliminating certain items from our reception, and by booking a family caterer.


Till this day, our guests are still talking about our wedding and how much fun they had! Even on our frugal budget of $10,000 for EVERYTHING, we were able to pull off a memorable wedding with tons of guests, great food, and one heck of a party.

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How did you plan your wedding on a budget? What things did you have to cut?


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