Surprising Gluten-Free Snacks!

Surprising GF Snacks-Unsplash

One of the hardest things about going gluten free is what to eat. My husband still doesn’t understand how it all works. I get asked a lot “so what do you even eat?” and “Does gluten-free mean you can’t eat chips?” Well I have news for you, you can get chips! In fact, there are multiple junk foods you can eat that are “gluten-free.” However, even though a product is gluten free that does not mean it is good for you and you should eat everything in moderation. Yet there are many surprising gluten-free snacks you may not have thought of

I decided to share a list with you of some of my favorite gluten free snacks!

Gluten-Free Chips

Doritos (almost all flavors but Nacho Cheese)




I should note that according to  Frito Lays website, certain flavors of their chips are completely gluten free while others may have been processed in a gluten contaminated facility. Since I have a gluten sensitivity and have not been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, simply items being gluten free are okay. It’s basically a preference when it comes to whether or not you are okay with cross-contamination.

I also love cereal!

Gluten Free Cereals







Most Trails Mix




A little side note that many people who just start going gluten free is that dressings, sauces, and beverages are NOT gluten free. However, many gluten free alternatives keep appearing on the shelves which is VERY helpful. I like to shop at Kroger and Meijer’s for gluten free products. They also have some of the freshest veggies!



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