7 Must See Sights While in Italy

Tiny cobblestone streets line the city while little mopeds attempt to scoot past walking tourists. The smell of fresh bread and sweets fill the air as the sun begins to set over the Ponte Vecchio bridge.A Quick Guide to Italy - The Witty Wife

Feel like you are there yet? Italy is by far my favorite country to visit. On two separate occasions I have spent time in Italy. When I was 16 my mother, brother and I traveled to Italy where we stayed for over two months. We lived in the city of Florence in a small loft apartment, just a short hop from the Ponte Vecchio Bridge. The second time I visited Italy was when I studied abroad with Semester at Sea. Both experiences were by far amazing. Not only are the sights of Italy extraordinary but the aromas, sounds, and people are exquisite.

Here are seven must see sights that you cannot possibly miss when visiting Italy. Check them out now!

Based off of my experiences, there are 7 MUST SEE sights while in Italy.

1. Ponte Vecchio Bridge

Florence is the coolest city to visit when in Italy. I am a little basis based off of the fact that I lived there for over two months but it is a must see. From the Italian gold jewelry shops to the little gelato door fronts, the bridge is one of the most culture-filled locations of Florence. Many times in the evenings, you will be able to catch the most beautiful sunset along with some elegant music by street performers.

Pontevecchio Bridge
Pontevecchio Bridge

2. Venice

Venice is a beautiful and elegant town that is very populated by tourists. This is where you will find the gandalas and waterway streets. Taking the time to just walk the streets and take in the views is essential. Make sure to visit San Marco Basilica!!

3. Pisa

I absolutely love the city of Pisa! Not only will you get the chance to see the iconic leaning tower, but you can roam the city in the same afternoon. This sight is a must see and don’t forget to take a photo of you trying to hold up the tower! You can also enter the courtyard of the Pisa and take some fantastic photos there as well.

Photo via Good Free Photos
Photo via Good Free Photos

4. Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is the perfect spot for a couple because of the romantic feel. The Italian Rivera houses five extremely beautiful islands that light up with delightful people. The buildings are an array of pastel colors and the streets are steep pathways. The only way to access these islands are by boat. We stayed the night at one of the coastal towns and were able to explore the little cities. Lastly, I recommend exploring each island and if you are up for it, cliff jumping while you are there!



5. Trevi Fountain

When in Roma, make sure to see the Trevi Fountain. Though extremely touristy, the Trevi Fountain is an exquisite sight. It is located near the center of Rome where you will also be able to grab a gelato, browse a few shops, and catch a selfie with the magnificent fountain! Make sure to throw a penny in and make a wish.Trevi Fountain-Dave Meier Via Picography

6. Colosseum

The Colosseum is one of the 7 wonders of the world and for a good reason. This beautiful and historical monument is as fantastic as the books and movies make it seem. Though the line may be long, make sure to take a tour of the inside!!

Photo via Good Free Photos
Photo via Good Free Photos


7. Duomo

Duomo Witty Wife in front of Duomo

When in Florence, it is hard to pass up seeing the Duomo. This magnificent cathedral is in the center of the city. A very touristy area, the Duomo is surrounded by tons of shops and restaurants. One of my favorite activities to do while in Florence was to sit on the steps across from the Duomo and people watch. it really is a beautiful sight! Make sure you climb the 300+ steps of the bell tower, overlooking the city.



There are plenty of other wonderful places to see in Italy beside the seven listed above. Additionally, there are many more places I want to see the next time I am exploring.

I truly recommend visiting at much as Italy as possible. It is such a beautiful country with tons of culture, amazing food, and unbelievable sights.

What countries have you visited?

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28 thoughts on “7 Must See Sights While in Italy

  1. I love Italy! From your list, I’ve only visited Florence, but I’ve been to Lake Garda and Lake Como (two separate trips – almost 20 years apart!) And all over Tuscany (same trip as Florence). Countries I’ve been to: Ireland, England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Singapore, Thailand, Maledives, Mexico, Costa Rica, Aruba and Canada. Italy is in my top 3!

  2. wildandfreeoutdoors says:

    I hear such amazing things about Italy!!! I used to dream about seeing the leaning tower!!! It’s definitely on my bucket list!!

  3. I went to Italy last year and was lucky enough to see MOST of these places. But there’s still so much left to see! I love the beautiful aura that Italy has – there’s something in the air that makes you fall in love 🙂

  4. Heather says:

    Not a bad list, but pretty predictable. There is a small error though: Cinque Terre is not on the Amalfi coast. The Amalfi coast is farther south, near Naples in the Campania region. Cinque Terre is north on the Italian Riviera in the Liguria region.

    • Hi Heather,
      Thanks for that correction 🙂 I will be sure to make it. And even though it is a “predictable” list, I truly recommend seeing each place/item. Italy just has so much to offer!

  5. There’s certainly a historic charm to European countries and you’ve definitely painted a beautiful picture of Italy! I have yet to make it there but it’s certainly on my “to-go” list! Love your writing and will definitely be returning to your posts to help set my itinerary 😉

  6. Beautiful photo of Pisa! I still remember traveling there a few years ago. It was a rainy day, so the best photo I got was a cheesy “Holding up the tower” photo haha. I’d love to go back!

  7. Thanks for sharing. Italy is certainly at the top of my bucket list. There’s so much history there. The Colosseum would be a great location to visit with my kids for sure.

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