How Cutting Your Clothing Budget Can Grow Your Closet

how-cutting-your-clothing-budget-can-grow-your-closetIt is scary to think about cutting your clothing budget in half but it is also one of the most useful tools in getting better deals.

I am known as a constant shopper. Any time I go into a store, I will most likely come out with a bag full of items. My sister likes to say that I have a clothing addiction, which I think could be very true. But what many people don’t realize is that every piece of clothing I buy is almost always under $15… My Husband is very thankful for this! So how can cutting your clothing budget in half help you get more clothes?

The less money you have to spend on clothes, the more clothes you can buy.

You may be thinking, “How is that even logical?” Well, I am here to tell you that it works. Say the average woman budgets $100 a month for clothing expenses. I would then cut that to $50 and still get 10 outfits. If my brain knows I only have $50 to spend, I am more likely to look for deals than if my budget was $100. I want more clothes for my money.

It is all about where you shop

Some people may not like the idea of resale clothing but to me, it’s like finding a diamond in the rough. I could spend hours in a Salvation Army and walk out with three bags of clothes having spent $50 dollars total. Constantly I am asked, “Danielle, where did you get that adorable shirt?” Their face is priceless when I respond, “Oh, I got it from Salvation Army! It was only $4!”

If you’re not into the whole “previously worn” idea, try these stores instead:

Charlotte Russe

Sunglasses from Charlotte Russe $3
  • Charlotte Russe is the best place to shop for cheap dresses and accessories! I got the cutest pair of sunglasses for $3 🙂


  • The cool thing about H&M is that it is international. They have tons of options and some of the trendiest styles of the season. Their prices are fantastic as well. Most of the time, you don’t even have to go to a sales rack to find a deal.

Rue 21

  • Rue 21 is pretty much my favorite place for everything. From cute tanks to adorable shoes, Rue has it all. And they usually have 4 sales racks going at once! This summer, I got two bathing suit bottoms, one bathing suit top, two spirit jersey shirts, a small backpack, a tank top, and two blouses all for
    Dress from rue 21 $10
    Dress from rue 21 $10

    under $40…


  • Maurices is a little more pricey than the other stores but they have the cutest shirts! Frequently, I browse the sales racks for new sweaters and tanks. Just the other day,  I got a cross back lace tank top for $7!!

It is all about finding the deals

Like I mentioned before, once you cut your budget  in half, you will immediately look for the deals. Say you have $20 to spend but you need a new work jacket and dress pants. Most of the time, shoppers think this is impossible. Well, finding the deals on the clearance racks at the stores above is the way to go.

Additionally, I like to do research before I go shopping. This is nothing fancy, like the research you do for a paper, but it involves looking online or on mobile apps to see if sales are running. I live and breathe the clearance racks. And every store has them!!

Try cutting your next shopping budget in half and see if you can find the deals instead.


What are some of your favorite shops?


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