Five Tips for Living with a Messy Husband

Living with Messy Husband

To say my husband is just a little messy would be an understatement.


We currently reside in a 800 sq foot apartment, thankfully with two bedrooms. As soon as we moved in, I told my husband, Josh, he could have the closet in the guest room and I would use the one in our room. Going into this I knew he was messy. We lived together for a year before we got married in an even smaller apartment. His clothes somehow tend to travel throughout the apartment like a tornado. But, I was ready to take on the task of dealing with a messy husband.

Make sure he has space for his things.

It may be hard to believe but I am pretty sure Josh has the same amount of clothing that I do. That being said, his clothes and other personal items take up the most space in our spare bedroom. Having this extra room really gives him the space he needs to spread out his belongings.

Allow him the freedom to organize the way he wants.

This is an important tactic for dealing with a messy husband. I can’t even count the number of times I tried to organize his clothes and I get the “Where did this go? Why is this over here?”  responses. Allowing him to organize his own items the way he wants eliminates the arguments and potentially misplacement of his most precious tee-shirt.

Make some cleaning ground rules.

We are hardly ever home which makes this one sort of hard. Josh and I have established some cleaning ground rules that work really well with our schedules. I make dinner, he cleans the dishes. He takes out the trash, I vacuum. My number one rule is no clothes on the bedroom floor. When this happens, I get that cringing feeling inside and shoot a glare at Josh. He can read me like a book and knows exactly what “mess” is getting to me. Overall, we both do our fair share and it works.

Put the dirty clothes bin in the closet.

Luckily, the closet in the guest room is large enough for Josh’s dirty clothes bin. Putting it in the closet has not only eliminated the amount of clothes on the floor but the bin is in a place that is hidden from guests eyes.

Have a clothes washing day.

Having a day specifically set aside during the week for clothes washing has helped us tremendously. We recently got off track which was definitely identifiable in our apartment. It’s always better to do tasks together that way they get done faster and of course, the company

Overall, we have a system that works and works well!






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