How Going Gluten Free Changed My Life

About two years ago I decided to go gluten free. And my body will forever be changed.

Gluten Free: How it Changed my Life - The Witty Wife

This was a big step. I come from an Italian background which means pasta and bread are a must have. I was hearing all these benefits about going gluten free and I knew I had to try it. And to my surprise, it is not as hard as it seems. Now, I did not have an allergy test done or anything like that. I just knew my body needed a change. Here are some reasons why going gluten free changed my life:

More energy than ever.

I sometimes think I could run a marathon with how much energy I have. I mean, that is if I liked to run. But I don’t. So instead I stay up until the wee hours of the night, chatting away with my sister or burning my hubby’s ear off with how much built up energy I have. It’s super nice to be able to go through a whole day with no bread, still feel full, and have more energy than if did I ate a hamburger with battered french fries…

The weight loss.

Most people don’t like to share their weight but that’s not me. In January of 2014 I weighed 193lbs and I am 5’1…So I knew it was time for a change. I started my experience with herbal life but then switched my style to more natural tactics, one being gluten free. I now weigh 145lbs! That’s about 50lbs less, or a small child’s worth, than what I was 2 years ago.

Better digestion.

This is my favorite benefit from going gluten free. I have less stomach aches than ever and I can tell when I eat something that even has a little gluten in it. My body is not a happy camper. This is the main reason people go gluten free and it is a great idea. The sweets in the wheat and grain can cause a build-up and make it harder to digest.

My teeth love me.

This may seem like the most random fact about going gluten free but it worth sharing. Did you know that the sugars from the modified bread we eat sticks to our teeth, causing plaque buildup, and worse, cavities?  Since going gluten free, the sensitivity in my teeth has decreased and I noticed that I have less plaque. In addition, my coconut oil toothpaste helps as well.

Additionally to going gluten free, I take Acidophilus which also helps support digestion. The two in conjunction work miracles on your body.

Danielle's Transformation
My results-50 lbs lighter


There are tons of other benefits of going gluten free such as migraine relief, PMS problems, skin irritations, brain fog, and much more. Curious if gluten free is for you?  Check out this pin from Abe’s Market! To see more great gluten free and health pin, follow me on Pinterest!

Gluten Free-is it for you
From Abe’s Market

Let me know your gluten free success stories!


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